VXN Beginnings

Meron MogosThroughout my a cappella career, I’ve been in 3 groups. One at Duke University followed by two post-collegiate CAL groups (one in NY and one that I founded in Los Angeles). I obviously love a cappella and enjoy being part of the community, so being in groups like these are fun and an exciting hobby. But for me, in my soul, VXN is the culmination of the years I’ve been inspired by a cappella and what I’ve been striving for. It’s a group that formed so organically and out of true passion….a passion for music, for female power, and for singing with those who you love and know so well.

Anna, Holli, Lauren, Jessie and I all met in NY after college when we found ourselves gravitating back towards a cappella. As members of Empire, we realized that a cappella was still relevant in our lives and could exist in a meaningful way after college. It was an amazing moment to share with each other because it re-affirmed our love for the genre and our presence in this musical world. Eventually, Holli moved to DC and I moved to LA, and over a year passed where we weren’t singing together. But during an inspiring weekend at LAAF 2014, the idea of VXN was born and we knew this 5-person vocal project could not only happen, but needed to happen.

Everything moved pretty quickly over the next few months as we fleshed out our vision to produce innovative and inspiring music at the highest level. VXN met for our first group retreat in June 2014 and solidified our fresh, fierce, and fearless sound, and the rest is history. We meet every few months to learn and record new music to keep a constant flow of new content for audiences. We had our public debut this March in NYC and we’re now recording our first EP which we’ll be releasing later this year. VXN is ecstatic to be making our CASA debut at BOSS in front of one of the most enthusiastic a cappella communities in the country and I could not be more proud. If I could tell my 18-year old freshman self, just minutes before auditioning for Duke’s Lady Blue at a time when I knew nothing about a cappella, that ten years later I’d be performing in a professional group at a major CASA festival, there would be some heavy eye-rolling happening right about now. But here we are. And I’m psyched.

Originally from the suburbs of NYC, Meron Mogos got her start in a cappella in 2004 with Duke University’s Lady Blue. Her solo/arrangement of Ciara’s “Like A Boy” was featured on Voices Only 2009. Meron joined NYC CAL group, Empire in 2011 and after moving to Los Angeles to pursue her love of film/television in 2012, she co-founded the all-female CAL group, Premiere and serves as their President. Meron is also 1/5 of the professional vocal group, VXN.



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