Introducing the BOSS 2015 Host Group: Tufts Amalgamates

AmalgamatesThe Amalgamates. You may know them as the oldest co-ed a cappella group at Tufts University. You may know them as the group that famously rejected Jessica Biel (it was 2002 and she couldn’t blend; ah, hindsight). Or, you may not know them at all because apparently no one seems to be able to pronounce their name right. In my time in the ‘Mates, we were mis-announced and mis-named as a myriad of non-words and bizarre portmanteaus. My personal favorites include, with capitalization for pronunciation emphasis where required:

  • “Ah-mull-GAH-mitts” (think “Narragansett” in the thickest Noath Shoah accent you can muster)
  • “uh-MALL-guh-muts” (because “aw” seemed to be the only vowel he could use)
  • “Ammill-GAY-meets” (yes, this was real)

    And everyone’s favorite:

  • “Animal Gametes” (no, really, someone said that)

More important than all of these horrible examples of lexical butchery is the fact that the Amalgamates are finally not only coming to BOSS, but they’re hosting it. That’s a serious commitment, and I’m both thankful for it and really excited and proud of them making their big entrance into a cappella festivals. Fun fact – the group turned 30 years old this year, and had never once in its three-decade-long history attended an a cappella festival. Crazy, I know.

BUT THEY’RE HERE NOW, and I can’t wait for all of you to meet them in their current, thankfully smaller than when I graduated (we were 19 and basically were incapable of singing anything other than “loud”) form. They’re a great bunch, and they’ll take care of you, I promise.


Alex GreenAlex Green is a graduate of Tufts University with a dual degree in Music and Archaeology, where he was a member of the Tufts Amalgamates for all 4 years of his college career, and served as Music Director for the 2009 calendar year. His various odd jobs and experiences in the audio world include various internships at companies in the music industry including Rounder Records (Burlington, MA) and Alta Vista Studios (Austin, TX), participation in the sporadically annual Soup 2 Nuts Seminar with Deke Sharon and Bill Hare, and acting as a reviewer for the Recorded A cappella Review Board (RARB). In addition to the Amalgamates, Alex has sung with both Overboard and the short lived and perpetually-under-the-radar Cursory. He is currently working with CASA on the BOSton Sings [BOSS] festival team and is a regular workshop leader and CASA masterclinician. As a co-owner of Plaid Productions along with Alexander Koutzoukis, he has had the opportunity to work with groups from across the country and around the world, and made countless soups. Since early 2011, clients of Plaid Productions have had songs featured on SING, BOCA, Voices Only, and have garnered over 50 CARA nominations.

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