Amy Malkoff Gettin’ List-y: Why Come To BOSS?

Everybody likes a list. Just ask Buzzfeed.  Or Thought Catalog.

Oh sorry, I got distracted by this list of Wes Anderson’s 8 Best Soundtrack Choices*

So I thought for my BOSS blog post, I’d give you a list. Specifically, a list of


1.) BOSS will be held at Northeastern University, home to our fabulous hosts, the Nor’easters. But it’s truly right in the heart of it all in Boston’s Back Bay. It’s one block away from the New England Conservatory, where Deke Sharon, Ed Boyer, and myself did Graduate School Things (20th Century Composition, anyone?)

2.) It’s also close to the Boston Conservatory and the Berklee College of Music. Do the names Hannah Juliano (“The Sing-Off”, Musae, Delilah, Pitch Slapped), Mario Jose (“The Sing-Off”, Pitch Slapped), Lisa Forkish (Divisi, Women’s A Cappella Association) or Wes Carroll (House Jacks, Five O’Clock Shadow) ring a bell… I mean, strike a chord?

3.) Northeastern is also right down the street from 5 Napkin Burger, a Swingle Singers-(and other aca-folks)-approved eatery. Highly recommended!

4.) April in Boston means: it could be snowing (please no), or it could be spring-like and lovely (mmm, maybe). For you gamblers, it’s weather roulette!

5.) You’ll be right near the Prudential Center. Fun fact: the Foursquare mayor of the Pru’s Dunkin Donuts is (BOSS host and member of Five O’Clock Shadow and Overboard) Scott Cobban. Check out this article on him and his iced tea habit (one we share). Head over there and tell ‘em (their) mayor sent ya!

6.) You won’t have to go to Cheers to be somewhere where “everybody knows your name” because we’re one aca-big family, but if you want to do that uber-touristy thing (which I encourage), it’s here. Oh, and here.

7.) Did you forget your red carpet gown/tux, or are you a local looking for the same? Nearby Newbury Street and environs boasts everything from H&M to Armani. Guys with $1400 burning a hole in their pockets, I suggest this one. Hot.

8.) BOSS 2013 features (among others) Danish group Postyr Project, a new-ish group doing groundbreaking things with electronics, as well as Five O’Clock Shadow, a Boston group founded in 1991, who were some of the earliest adopters of live effects. Now that’s pretty cool. Don’t you want to see that??

9.) You’ll also be right in the vicinity of the beautiful Christian Science compound, home to the famous Mapparium. The Mapparium, because of its spherical glass surface, boasts some unique acoustical effects. I’ve always wondered what it would sound like if a group sang in there….hmmm…

Excited yet? Go get your tickets, and we’ll see you there!

*unapologetic Wes Anderson movie and soundtrack fan

[Thanks to Mal Zuckerman for her animated gif search!]

Amy Malkoff is the Web Content Director at CASA, is on the BOSS production team, and does other music-type things.

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