CARA Presenters: Jo Vinson

[This is one of a series of profiles on our CARA award ceremony presenters]

WHO: Jo Vinson
AWARD: Best Female Collegiate Arrangement


I’m Jo, and I think you should come to BOSS. And I like to consider myself someone who knows what’s up now and then, which is why you should listen to me. “But who is this Jo person?” you wonder to yourself, “and how come she can tell me what to do with my weekend?”. Well here’s the sitch on me: I tripped and fell into the a cappella world a few years ago when I joined Divisi, the women’s group at the University of Oregon. I was bopping along, singing my part when none of the basses showed up for a gig and I covered their part for the night. I was henceforth never allowed to sing anything else. Then, one day, someone was like, “Hey Jo, you’re alright, wanna join my pro group?” And I thought for a hot second and said, “Sure, as long as you can get me to Boston from Oregon”. And thus, I joined Musae. And then, this dude says to me, “Hey, wanna be on TV?” And I was like, “Well, as long as no one looks at me.” And so I joined Delilah. And THEN…well, never mind what happened next. The point is, all of this happened to me because of one little decision: to get involved with a cappella. What if you were born to beatbox, or arrange songs, or meet Tom Anderson? You’ll never know unless you come to BOSS and find out. Plus, have I mentioned that I’ll be there with my friends? And I’m telling you, I don’t hang with sub-par folk. My people are the best people, and you want to meet them, learn from them, and hear some of ’em sing. BOSS will be a party. A big, dorky, musical, wonderful party where you might just learn a thing or two. Or at least, you know, meet Tom Anderson.

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