CARA Awards Presentation and Red Carpet Event

The inaugural BOSS introduced the red-carpet, black-tie excitement to the a cappella festival world, and we’ve loved getting fancy with the community ever since. This year, we thought we’d up the ante a little and go full-on Banquet style: Professional catering and the live CARA presentation. Well, we’ve heard from some of you, and we’re making a few adjustments to make this part more accessible:

– The CARA Banquet is now all ages. No more 21+, no more IDs at the door. Bring your family, bring a date, and don’t worry about squeezing dinner plans into a busy Saturday, because we’ve got it covered. (And bring the kids, because ages 6 and under are free!)

– The Red Carpet as you’ve known it will be in full effect before the Pro Concert. Paparazzi included, so get dressed up and get in early: Buying a Red Carpet Add-On also gets you priority access when doors open at 7:30pm, meaning you’ll get first dibs at seating for the concert, too.

– In case you were wondering: Your CARA Banquet ticket also gets you onto the Red Carpet. And not only that, but you’ll get priority access straight to the front of the line (and seats).

[Don’t forget: CARA Nominees should email for your discount!]

Wondering why you really want to be at the Banquet? Here’s a refresher:

– Live CARAs. Be the first to know who wins the biggest honors. (Will it be you?)
– NOMS. Don’t go crazy trying to find someplace to eat in the Back Bay, just take it easy with us.
– Mingle with the pros. Rockapella and The Rainbows will be there before the big show.
– Meet original members of Rockapella and watch the presentation of their Lifetime Achievement Award. No joke. This is a big deal.

Maybe you just passed that one over because it was last, but go back and read it, then get your tickets. We can’t wait to see you there, and yes, we’re judging your shoes.


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