2012 CARA Ceremony Details

Since we know many of you are wondering about it (and some have already been asking), we’d like to clarify some of the specifics about the Live CARA Ceremony as well as what being a CARA nominee at the event entitles you to. For starters, all CARA nominees will be invited to walk the red carpet. All CARA winners will be announced at the event (and will also be posted online immediately following the night’s festivities), but only eight featured awards will receive physical “trophies.” These eight will have someone come up to receive the award in person and have the opportunity to give a thank you speech; the rest of the extended list of winners will receive certificates, as in past years. The event will be BLACK TIE. Get out those fancy dresses and dust off your tuxedos, folks! (And don’t be surprised if the paparazzi sneak some incredible photos of you all dolled up.)

Two members of every CARA-nominated group will receive the full red carpet upgrade, which includes access to the CARA Reception before the big show and preferred seating during the show on top of the stroll down the red carpet. These two members will also be your representatives to accept any award if won. Alumni and album soloists are considered part of their respective groups and can act as representative if the group chooses. Regardless of nomination, you must purchase either an all-access pass or a Friday night ticket to attend the ceremony.

For all CARA-nominated groups who will be attending in whole or part: Please email meg@casa.org with full names of your two members who will act as representatives and receive the red carpet upgrade.

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