Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be running a series of contests where your entry form is a video, and the prizes are awesome. This week, for our inaugural competition, you’ll be vying for a CARA Red Carpet Upgrade to your already purchased All Access Pass*. Our theme for this week: Show us why YOU’RE the BOSS.

Want to be known as a the biggest a cappella fan at BOSS? Even better, want to hang on the Red Carpet with all of the VIPs, CARA nominees, and all the headliners on both nights of BOSS? Well, here’s your chance.

Record anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes of video telling us why you’re the hippest of the hip, the hoppest of the hop, the biggest, baddest, and most badass a cappella fan to grace the streets of Boston. Upload your video to YouTube, title it “BOSS 2012 – I’m the BOSS” and send the link to That’s all you need to do. The winner will be decided by the number of Likes their video receive on YouTube and Facebook combined, so make sure you get people to watch it!

The deadline for submissions for this contest is next Friday, March 2nd, and the winner will be notified the following Monday. You’ll hear from us about the next weekly contest soon (probably… in about a week).

*yes, you have to purchase an all access pass to be eligible. don’t be sneaky.

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