Nate Robert (MIT Logs): Feel The Aca-Love

I am currently a junior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and I’ve been a member of the MIT Logarhythms (MIT’s all-male a cappella group, “Logs” for short) since my second week on campus. As a kid from a small town in the Midwest, my only notion of a cappella prior to college was old school barbershop. I had absolutely no intention of joining an a cappella group before I came here, and was only barely persuaded by a friend to audition for Logs with him. I had no idea what I’d gotten myself into.

I was thoroughly surprised, but nevertheless ecstatic, when I found out I had made it into the group! Thereafter, I found myself immediately thrust into a community that I had never known could exist – the a cappella community. At first I was completely overwhelmed, and couldn’t understand how or why there could be such an established and intricate network for a cappella. I struggled to keep straight the names of different collegiate groups, the professional groups, who we would contact for CD help, the different competitions and festivals, the seemingly endless list of acronyms (CASA, RARB, BOCA, etc), and how in the world did GLEE fit into the picture!

But as I continued in Logs I eventually started figuring things out, and began to understand just how fantastic the community really is. Through opening for other college groups (and, of course, partying together afterwards) I made friends with students from all over the Northeast. While putting together our newest album this past year (it’s called BAM, check it out on iTunes!) we were helped by people from all over through connections within the a cappella community. Whenever we’ve traveled for tours, there’s always been someone willing to step up and help us find performances, get ideas for the trip, etc. These examples, and many more, have helped me understand just how great the community is. And then, this past fall, we were approached by Meg Alexander and Alex Green about yet another acronym: BOSS.

After Meg and Alex had explained to us the plans and ideas for Boston Sings, we decided to help out in any way possible. We’re excited to be able to give back to the a cappella community that had been so amazing to us in the past. Although the main, nightly events will be held elsewhere, most of the daytime activities will be hosted on MIT’s campus. We’re super pumped to be able to help out with what I know will be a phenomenal event! From the workshops and masterclasses to the concerts and afterparties, it’s going to be a blast. I can’t wait – hope to see you there!

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