Free VIP Upgrade Contest

So, you must have heard about this Collaborative Recording thing that’s been going on at a cappella festivals. No? It sounds like this. Also this. Want to be a part of it at BOSS 2012? Well, here’s your chance!

Buy your regular All-Access Passes by FRIDAY FEBRUARY 24th, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a FREE VIP UPGRADE. Yep, from regular average joe to big superstar hanging on the Red Carpet for the live CARA ceremony, VIP reception with all the attending CARA nominees, a VIP lunch with the pro talent, reserved seating at the pro concert, and participation in the Collaborative Recording session on Sunday where you can be a part of a project like The Bones of You, All of the Lights, and the forthcoming Princess of China, recorded just last month at LAAF.

The big winner will be notified via email, social media, smoke signal, or carrier pigeon on MONDAY FEBRUARY 27TH.

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