Executive Producer Blog: Alexander Koutzoukis

Welcome to 2013! One of my privileges as Executive Producer of Boston Sings this year is to open the year by also opening our series of (mostly) weekly blog posts where you’ll hear from producers, performers, CARA presenters, and other distinguished individuals connected to BOSS. We’ll cover all manner of topics in both written and video form, from the inner workings of the festival to the minds of the performers and why this festival has (and will continue to) change people for the better. So let’s get to it…

When I initially sat down to write this, I was coming off the high (read: coma) of three days in a row of family Christmas meals. All I could focus on were pizzelle, ham, and baklava (and my new food processor and stand mixer — we like food over here, okay?). So I let it simmer for a bit (more food puns?) and realized that if nothing else got you champing at the bit — not the outstanding headliners from around the country and world, the red carpet, the boundary-pushing live competition, the hands-on classes with an array of instructors you couldn’t get together anyplace but here — then come for the food. Boston loves food. And hey, once you’ve walked the red carpet, you can chow down guilt-free.

But Boston and BOSS aren’t just about the culinary experiences. The mission of the festival is to revolutionize the art form of a cappella from top to bottom. That’s why we have Postyr, who are consistently pushing the boundaries of where voices meet electronics, and the House Jacks, who’ve thrown out the hackneyed cover formula in favor of original music and off-the-cuff audience requests. We’ll have classes on sound (pedals, even!) and stage presence, advertising, traveling, growing, doing things new and better. There are so many groups in the country, and even a growing number of festivals, but now is the time for thinking a little differently.

As you may have seen on Facebook and Twitter, we’ve been talking about joining our New Year’s Revolution. To me, this is all about what you’re going to do to make yourself and your group and by extension everyone you come in contact with better this year. Forget about the status quo, forget about self-imposed limitations, muscle memory, and current trends, and just do something amazing. So whether you’re coming to Boston to share the next big thing or get inspired by it, just get to BOSS. We promise there will be many delicious experiences waiting.

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