CARA Presenters: Deke Sharon

[This is a the first in a series of profiles on our CARA award ceremony presenters]

WHO: Deke Sharon
AWARD: Best R&B Song (to be presented via video)

CASA founder Deke Sharon has been singing a cappella since the age of five and spent his formative years with one foot in traditional choral idioms (church choir, San Francisco Boys’ Chorus, madrigal groups, barbershop quartets) and the other in rock bands. The two came together during his tenure as music director of the Tufts Beelzebubs (see photo, circa 1991), and he formed CASA in hopes of creating a community of like-minded acappellaheads.

Often called the “father of contemporary a cappella”, Deke has played a prominent and influential role in the formation of CASA’s many outreach programs. Most recently, he founded the Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL), a national network of a cappella groups for post-collegiate and adult singers.

Deke directing the Bubs in 1991

Deke founded and has been singing in the vocal rock band The House Jacks since 1991. The group has produced several full-length albums and completed multiple world tours. He arranges and directs the groups on NBC’s a cappella competition reality show, “The Sing-Off”.

About BOSS, Deke says: “Boston is the mothership. Boston has the greatest density of collegiate a cappella, possibly the greatest density of a cappella singing in general anywhere in the world. It’s about time for a major annual Boston a cappella festival, and BOSS is just that!”

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