Your BOSS 2018 Instructor Lineup

Introducing your BOSS 2018 Instructors! BOSS is committed to bringing the best and brightest from the a cappella world to a classroom setting, where they can share their experience and expertise with you. There’s still more to come, but for now, please join us in welcoming these fantastic educators:

Lisa Forkish Redefining Group Success
Similar Jones How to Sing Forever
Backtrack Content Creation
HIVE & Bryan Guffey Many Voices, Many Stories
Courtney Jensen Don’t Be Awkward
Chris Little & Ricky Jabarin Collaborranging: How to Create with Other Musicians
Eric Scholz Between the Lines: Exploring Texture in the Studio and on Stage
Erik Frederiksen Pedagogical Arranging: Deliberately Arranging to Improve Group Musicality and Stimulate New Arranging Paradigms
Evan Sanders Three Weird Tricks! Arrangement Clickbait
Katherine Bodor Timbre, Texture, and Nuance in Arranging
Marc Silverberg Arranging with Improv
Nina Pelligra One Man A Cappella Band
Adam Levine, Anthony Pulido & Jon Lavalley Brand-Aid: Identity and Brand in A Cappella
Yassee Mohebbi Market Like It’s Hot
Alyce McNulty Working With Weaknesses
Kate Burns From Drab to Fab
Shams Ahmed Think Like a Judge
Emily Flanders Group Management 101, Group Management 301
Scott Cobban Warm Up with Improv Games
Archie Gopal Captivating Culture through Composition & Choreography
Caleb Whelden Sound Check Like A Pro
James Jones Live Show Production
Barry Carl Singing With Your Whole Self
Lynique Webster Solinistry
Craig Simonetti & Michael Wingate Face Music: Doing More with Beatbox
Kennen Wedge How To Be A Unit

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We’re also very excited to have Evan Linsey & Kayla Pichichero of head/voice hosting a live-recorded panel at BOSS 2018.

Exact schedule subject to change. Be on the lookout for the full, finalized class schedule soon…

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