BOSS 2017 Instructors Announced!

We’re so excited to announced our 2017 BOSS Workshop Instructors! These talented individuals are bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight to our festival this year. Keep an eye out for the full class schedule soon, but without further ado, here is your instructor lineup:

Erin Hackel – How To Sing In All Styles, Collaborative Arranging for Contemporary A Cappella, Creating a Winning Set, Solo Coaching Sessions**
Shams Ahmed – Think Like A Judge
Tom Anderson – Vocal Orchestration
Eion Blanchard & Lizzie Frankenthal – Making It Happen: From Imagination to Fruition
Scott Cobban – Improv Games As Preparation
Mel Daneke – Body/Mind Awareness
Emily Flanders – The Business
Diana Galeano – High School A Cappella: from Zero to YAS, Nuanced Directing**
Archie Gopal – Captivating Culture Through Composition
Linnea Henningson, Xander Teplansky & Brandon Hetherington – Breathe Life Into Your Part
Liechuan Huang & Diana Tan – Go Pro
Steven Hoffman – Beginning Arranging Questions
Ricky Jabarin & Chris Little – Your Aca-Life After College
Angela Longo, Sam Creighton et al – Find Your Sasha Fierce: Group And Solo Stage Presence
Dave Longo, Kevin Guest, Rick Thomas, Alex Green et al – Recording Arts and Other Voodoo*
Kamila Manzueta – The Balance: Being an MD and Having A Life
Yassee Mohebbi & Eric Scholz – Creative Arranging and the Adaptive Mindset
DeMar Neal – How To Not Ruin Your Voice In College A Cappella
Melinda Packer – How To Teach Vocal Percussion
Evan Sanders – Everybody Wants To Sing The Bass
Eric Scholz – VP Like A Drummer
Craig Simonetti – Party Of Six
Lee Stovall – What Are You Trying To Say?
Rick Thomas et al – CARAs & AVAs Roundtable*
Johanna Vinson, Archie Gopal, Angela Longo et al – It’s a Woman’s World: the Next Step for All-Female A Cappella*
Elliott von Wendt – Arranging Beyond Sheet Music
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*—Denotes a roundtable discussion.
**–Denotes a limited enrollment class.

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