A Note From Executive Producer Alexander Koutzoukis

This is my third year working with BOSS in some capacity — my second as Executive Producer — and I’ve never been more excited for the weekend to start. We talk about revolution, pushing boundaries, and changing the way people think about a cappella, and this year we have more of that than ever.

Kicking things off on Friday night, our Collegiate Competition: Emily Flanders, our Competition Coordinator and Concert Producer, has come up with my favorite competition format ever. Four groups, three themes each, no eliminations. The audience will get to experience a show that flows from song to song, group to group, back and forth, featuring everything from original music to songs performed in complete darkness to voices augmented with technology live on stage. And to top it off, the show will feature two outstanding high school groups as hosts and performers.

Saturday and Sunday’s workshops have cut some clutter and will give our attendees more opportunity than ever to interact with our instructors on a personal level, picking their brains and learning every tidbit of knowledge they can. Plus, building on the previous years’ live Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) presentations, Saturday afternoon has a dedicated CARA Banquet with distinguished guests from all over the world, where we’ll also present the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award to Rockapella.

Speaking of Rockapella, I feel like my life has come full circle now. I can remember carrying around my Walkman as a kid with nothing but my “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?” Rockapella cassette. Last year I got into a conversation with Jeff Thacher about their song “Capital” (still one of my favorites), and now here we are, with these guys, ever-evolving and nothing like the Rockapella I grew up with — except for the incredible caliber of performance and musicality — headlining our Saturday night Pro Concert. And on top of that, we finally managed to get The Rainbows down from Quebec to round out the show. I’ve been fawning after them ever since they competed at the Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes two years ago, and they’ve only gotten better since.

All in all, there are simply too many reasons to be excited. I can only hope you all come out of it as fulfilled as I feel imagining it.

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