A Fond Farewell

Dear friends and lovers of BOSS,

Over the past year I have been given an incredible opportunity to grow within the CASA community through the creation of Boston Sings. When I was asked to take on the task of executive producing this new festival I cried, both with joy and fear. Ask me again today and I’d do it all over… again, and again, and again, and again. This festival was my responsibility and I took that to heart. The first step in that was to create a team to support this event, and to help create, shape, and mold it as it would grow.

I have to say I think that our team did a pretty darn good job for their inaugural year. Not to say that it wasn’t without its kinks, but I know I had fun, and I sincerely hope you all did too… of course in addition to learning, networking, and doing it all with style. I also know that in the coming weeks you will find out what we have planned for BOSS 2013, and I know that you will be just as excited as this awesome team is.

It has been such an honor to work as a producer with this team, but the time for me to step down has come. I will be transitioning into a role with CASA where I will have the opportunity to develop even more events for you all to enjoy and I am excited to take on this new challenge. We have seen a number of changes in CASA in the last few years as this community has grown exponentially, and I am excited to be able to help shape our continued growth in the coming years.

In my place, please warmly welcome Alexander Koutzoukis into his new position as Executive Producer of Boston Sings. Between Alex’s experience with the Tufts Beelzebubs (which allowed him to perform on and arrange for The Sing-Off), as well as his production company Plaid Productions, he is no stranger to a cappella. Koutz has been working with CASA festivals in varying capacities since the fall of 2010. He was an Associate Producer of BOSS 2012 and is ready to bring BOSS 2013 to the next level. I am thrilled to be handing this event down to him, and excited to see where he and his team take this event.

I am still available to you all at meg@casa.org should you have any questions or concerns and I cannot wait to see you all this spring. (Psssttt, buy your BOSS tickets early; I promise they will sell out.)

Thank you all for your never-ending support,


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  1. Meg, you are a force to be recokoned with! Glad to have you stepping up, even if it has the unfortunate consequence of stepping away from the BOSS EP role. Excited to have Koutz move up and I’m sure you two will knock it out of the park together 🙂

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