BOSS + The Sing-Off: We’re On It!

Let’s assume that, by now, you’ve heard that NBC renewed The Sing-Off for a fourth season this winter. Now that it’s sunken in, I just wanted to reiterate how excited all of us on the Boston Sings team were to hear that news, and how particularly excited we were to realize we had a pretty high density of Sing-Off alumni (both performers and behind the scenes types) already attending BOSS. With that knowledge and a few discussions with Deke Sharon (who is coincidentally The Sing-Off’s Vocal Producer), we put into motion a plan to provide the most opportunities for attendees to interact with and learn from these experienced individuals.

koutzIn addition to a selection of workshops and panels geared toward these topics, we have Deke and Executive Producer Sam Weisman on board for a series of private audition-esque assessments. Here’s the deal: You (and your group) prepare a short, audition-ready song—90 seconds, in the spirit of real Sing-Off performances, and so you have more time to interact and receive feedback—and sing it for Deke and Sam. Have some other material prepared just in case, but it’s just that easy.

To be a part of this, all you have to do is buy your entire group’s All-Access Passes by next Monday, March 25th, and stay tuned to We’ll post an open link for sign-ups, and they’ll be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis as long as time allows.

As if I wasn’t excited enough for the weekend already, now I can’t wait to see all the eager entrants and potential season four crowd favorites prepping and showing their stuff. So everybody get in quick, because time and space is finite. At least at BOSS; I never got to theoretical physics.


Alex Koutzoukis is the BOSS Executive Producer

Announcing Our Collegiate Competitors

The decisions were not easy, but we finally have our collegiate competitors! Here are the groups that will be participating in Friday Night’s competition.

  1. Cat’s Meow, University of Vermont
  2. Divisi, Central Connecticut State University
  3. Mix, University of Colorado Denver
  4. Pitch, Please!, Northeastern University
  5. Voices in Your Head, University of Chicago
  6. Volta, Syracuse University

You do NOT want to miss this. The groups will be competing in our unique themed rounds format, the whole thing is hosted by The House Jacks, and if that weren’t enough, the evening also includes the CARA red carpet event and awards presentations! Whew – how did we pack so much awesome into one night? You’ll only know if you join us!

Wanna Perform at BOSS? Apply For An Acabomb!

What is the best part about a cappella? The arrangements? No. The choreography? No. The drama? No. It’s PERFORMING! Singing for the world to hear, belting those high notes, dropping that breakdown – you know. It’s a rush, and we’re all addicted. So how do you satisfy your urge at BOSS? ACABOMBS! Also known as Daytime Performances, acabombs give your group the opportunity to perform in front of your peers and the pros in between classes on Saturday. You get approximately 15-20 minutes to perform whatever your group wants! It is great PR and gets people talking about your group – people who can help you out in the future.

Blueprint @ BOSS 2012

So how can your group get a spot? It’s very simple, first make sure all of your group members performing have purchased their all-access passes for the weekend. Second follow the instructions on the website ( and complete the required posts by MARCH 29TH. Third, email me ( telling me a little about your group and that your interested in performing. It would also be helpful to link me to your group page etc. to help with the selection process. You will be notified the day after the deadline if you have been selected to perform and your time slot.

Can’t wait to hear everyone! Feel free to email with any questions you may have!


Keith Tripler is a senior at Syracuse University and a member of the all-male group Orange Appeal. This is his third time co-producing a CASA event, he also contributes to the A Cappella Blog and assists with ICCA events.

Kristin LoBiondo: The Perks of Being a VIP


So, you’ve heard about this “VIP” pass…you know the kind I mean…

…The kind that lets you strut past the line waiting to get in so you can relax in your FRONT ROW SEAT.

…The kind where you simply flash your badge and instantly gain access to a PRIVATE LOUNGE full of the talented and good-looking and a red carpet jam-packed with aca-celebrities.

…The kind that lets you rub elbows with the House Jacks after you’ve wiped all their spit and sweat off of you from their performance on Friday night (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Kristin w/the VIP of VIPs, Selame
Kristin w/the VIP of VIPs, Selame

…The kind that makes people around you ask, “Who’s that?” and, “How do I get to be them?” and, “Ooh, he must be one of those guys from ‘The Sing-Off’…they’re so fancy.”

…The kind that puts you in front of a microphone to record a track with the competition winner, the House Jacks, Postyr, and Five O’Clock Shadow and wonder, “…how did I get here?”

If this is something you fantasize about, then stop.  IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE ALL IN YOUR HEAD.  It can be a (your) reality.  And it can be all yours this year at BOSS. Take it from Selame Scarlett…she’s been a VIP at every CASA festival that’s offered it, so we trust her. She says, “It’s like you won the lottery and you get to unleash your wildest aca-fantasies.”

Woah. I want that.

Another BOSS VIP from 2012 said, “Being a CASA VIP was a perfect ‘superfan’ experience…” Who could argue? So get your VIP pass soon before they’re gone and you’re sitting in the back of the theater wondering, “I wonder who THAT is up there…they’re so fancy!”

(And if you’ve been reading this entire post hoping to find something about Tony Danza…I’ve done my job.)

See you on the red carpet…

NOW who’s the BOSS?


Kristin LoBiondo is currently an Assistant Director of Events for CASA, and past VIP Liaison for BOSS, LAAF, and SoJam. She looks forward to hanging backstage and on the red carpet with this year’s VIPs, then forming a group with them and winning “The Sing-Off” Season 4.

A Cat Explains: The Twitter Contest

From the paws of the The Duchess Hildegard von Biggums:

Well well… I hear BOSS is coming up. That’s cool. Just another few days for my human to obsess about packing her suitcase (which is an excellent scratching post btw) and abandon me. It’s fine.

You know, this time last year I was hanging out on the stairs watching all of the BOSS planning happen. Then my human decided to move to Florida. Silly human. It’s hot here and no one wears sleeves.

But I hear BOSS is cool… minus all of the cat discrimination. What do you mean I can’t walk the red carpet? Kittehs can be fanceh too! I mean, hello?!? Fancy Feast! Had to get its name from somewhere! Plus, they don’t call me The Duchess for nothing! But I digress…

So why are you reading what a cat has to say anyways? A) Because I’m a cat and you had no idea I could even speak English. B) The humans at BOSS knew that I, like you, am an expert at this thing they call the internet; and that I, like you, am particularly good at Twitter. (Side note: Follow me! @DuchessHBiggums) Oh yes… I can hashtag with the best of them. #ImAwesome #BOSSierThanYou #iwanttopayattentiontowhatimwritingbutmyhumanisdanglingfeathersinfrontofme #omgfeathers

The point is, because I am so good at Twitter (Though I really don’t find the name or bird logo compelling… mostly annoying. I don’t trust birds.), the humans at BOSS wanted me to announce this year’s Twitter contest. Now while it is quite evident that I am royalty and therefore actually the Boss of all you humans (or shall I say #BOSScat?), that one human that wears his pants too tight (you know, the tall, lanky one) and the rest of his friends want to know why you think that you’re the Boss. Or really, what exactly are you the Boss of? So, for the next three weeks this is what you have to do (This is so simple that I could do it on catnip):

1. Follow BOSS on Twitter at @BOSSaca. (You followed me already, right?)

2. Tell the humans at BOSS what you’re the boss of via tweeted photo, video, clever haiku… you get it.

3. Include the #IMTHEBOSSOF hashtag in your submission. For example:

4. Make sure to tweet by Friday (12 am) to be considered for the week’s contest.

The BOSS humans will then determine and announce one ”Boss” each week, who will receive Red Carpet Access at the CARAs Live on Friday, April 5, 2013. Hm… that makes one of us. Must be nice to be allowed on the red carpet. I’m not bitter… its fine.

Then one overall winner will also receive access into the VIP Lounge on Saturday, April 6, 2013 prior to the Professional Showcase. Apparently that means being in the same room with some other humans that will be singing on stage at BOSS. I don’t know. My human keeps talking about how good-looking they all are and how well they all sing… I just care about the rubs.

So there it is. Use your internet expertise and tweet away, humans. And even if you don’t win, enjoy your time at the most cat-discriminatory event of the year. Oh… don’t think the #BOSScat won’t still submit to this contest. I will. Because let’s be honest, #ImTheBoss of you all.

Yours for only right meow,
The Duchess Hildegard ”Hildy” von Biggums

P.S. None of this matters if you haven’t bought your All-Access Pass yet. So, silly human, do it.

P.P.S. If you win and have already purchased Red Carpet Access, you will be reimbursed. More money = more catnip. Just saying…


Hildy w/Courtney Godwin, having a moment


Tickets for BOSton Sings [BOSS] are now available! Here’s the low-down:

  •   Passes and Concert Tickets can be purchased through Northeastern University via their website.
  •   CARA Banquet and Red Carpet Tickets can be purchased via the BOSS Tickets page.
  •   The Early Bird pricing and competition submission deadline is now 11:59pm Friday, March 8th.
  •   Make sure you purchase tickets and follow the guidelines to be eligible for an AcaBomb slot during the day
      on Saturday for a chance to perform for your fellow BOSS attendees!

As usual, if you have any questions please let us know!