2013 Inaugural Address

Dear fellow BOSStonians (Can I make these puns now? Does that come with the territory? Let’s roll with it.),

About two years ago, right after my first SoJam, I found myself in Dave Sperandio’s kitchen. “I’d like to talk to you about a festival in Boston,” he said. A few months later I met Meg Alexander at SMACC, we held the first impromptu Collaborative Recording, and the team for the first ever Boston Sings started coming together shortly after.

I feel like we all had more than a little bit personally invested in the first year being a success, and Meg was a major unifying factor. Despite her having to step down (and move on up with CASA), the team is set up for an awesome year ahead. I am proudly and excitedly stepping into this role, confident that the dedicated individuals we have assembled here will work together to make the second installment of BOSS even bigger and better than the first.

We’ll be announcing some details — performers! venues! CARAs! oh my! — very shortly, so start thinking about your red carpet formal attire and prepare yourself to be blown away. Feel free to contact me at koutz@casa.org with any questions, comments, or concerns, and above all I hope to see all of you in Boston with us in April!

Looking forward to the year(s) ahead,

Alexander Koutzoukis

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