• Jaime P. Buckley February 9, 2013 Reply

    Acabombs are performances that happened between workshops by pre-selected groups. More a cappella goodness, as if there weren’t enough already. I didn’t get to see all five, but here are two I saw in their entirety and loved.

  • Moy Cosay April 26, 2014 Reply


    I would like to express my admiration to the work of Shams. His fascinating work has affected me in a very cool way that FYI, being a choir member myself I dream that my choir which I belong would do something like that other than a formal choir routine. I’m from the Philippines by the way & hope this message can reach him and may get his appreciation or message to inspire my fellow choir members, me e-mail is provided just in case. MABUHAY NOR’EASTERS A CAPPELLA!!!

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